about Ningyoyaki

a light sponge cake filled with red bean jam is a healthy Tokyo traditional sweets

人形焼本舗 板倉屋

NINGYOYAKI is one of the most famous Tokyo confectionery. It has over a hundred years of history. It contains Anko(sweet pasted sauce made from red beans) coated with light sponge cake. Each detailed charmy face are represented the seven gods of lucky.

人形焼本舗 板倉屋

Ningyocho, translated as pupet town, is the city retained the atomosphere of old town Edo. During Edo period, this place was one of the most thriving entertainment district that Kabuki, Joruri plays were attarcted Edo people everyday. Not only plays, but also food culture was thrivng as well. The main street is filled with restaurant, tea shop, confectionery, and Japanese style bar(Izakaya). I bet you find core traditional Japanese food such as kasuduke, tsukemono, and off course Ningyoyaki!!

Amazake-yokocho, the name of street where you can find traditional arts shop such as Japanese kimono, shamisen(japanese 3 string instrument) and traditional restaurant. This street gives you nostargic expression. Most of the shop around this street is not open night time. Around noon is the best time to hang around.

人形焼本舗 板倉屋
shop name
year of establishment
Gold prize of the 21st All Japan Confectionery Contest
Silver prize of 2008 Monde Selection
2-4-2 Ningyoucho Nihonbashi
Chuo-ku 103-0013 Tokyo
open hours
Open hours:Mon - Sat(8:00 - 21:00[until all products are sold])
Close:Public holidays